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6 months ago

Really nice! Made me feel comfortable and dealt with my illness in a confident and knowledgable manner.

6 months ago
Ajla A.

I'm a huge fan. He takes time to listen and explain - and he's altogether very pleasant to deal with.

6 months ago
Rory P.

The doctor listened to everything I had to say. You was very informative. She took her time explaining everything.

6 months ago
Isaac A.

Best Dr in NYC hands down. No one even comes close to her. Don't hesitate and book as soon as you can!

6 months ago
Maram A.

It was really great. I left assured and I really felt like I could trust her and be open.

6 months ago
Julia L.

The Dr was very nice and professional she made sure I understood everything and was very kind.

6 months ago
Eric M.

She was extremely easy to talk to. Good attitude great energy well-informed and calm. I'd absolutely see her again.

6 months ago
Yvette T.

It was my first meeting with her. She was very friendly and professional.

6 months ago
Joshua T.

Great doctor! Clean environment made it easier for me

6 months ago
Dawn G.

Short wait efficient staff best doctor visit all year.

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